NPO災害ボランティアステーション日本Is networking and disaster prevention-related fields to disaster volunteer training and medical professionals, local authorities and coordinated with their mobilization and are working to do promptly and accurately providing necessary supplies and materials.


Information and disaster relief

2018年5月31日 : I started a blog.

2018March 21. : News of the WEB site was opened.


NPO SVSJ support system   

◆ purpose
This Corporation do nonprofit types listed below.
This organization is intended to make disaster prevention projects for companies and individuals, to contribute to the rescue.
○ to promote insurance, health care or social welfare activities
○ disaster rescue and disaster-relief assistance
○ community safety activities
○ all activities concerning management companies, individuals and groups listed advice guidance and support activities

-Community disaster prevention power of the local community and the usual issues, environment and welfare, parenting and life in General.
-Shelter organization and wide area disaster prevention organization unit school district and support and independent disaster prevention organizations with shared work platform making disaster NPO and regional disaster volunteer organization.